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Personality Traits of Great Business Owners – Guide by Paul Haarman

Setting up and running a successful business is not an easy feat to achieve. There is a lot of time, finances, effort, and hard work that goes into turning a business idea into a successful venture. While there are several factors that affect the growth of a business, one key aspect is how business owners lead their businesses. Paul Haarman claims that there is no mathematical formula for running a successful business. However, there are certain traits that all great business owners share and have in common.

If you sit back and compare all the successful business ventures, you will see that their leaders share some characteristics that you will find in ALL of them. So, if you are willing to learn what makes great business owners so great, keep reading!

Common Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs – As Per Paul Haarman


“They Are Willing to Cooperate & Communicate” – Paul Haarman

One of the most common and talked about a characteristic that every great business owner possesses is that they are all great communicators. They know how to effectively express themselves and collaborate with all the stakeholders of their business, be it employees, customers, shareholders, etc. Paul Haarman suggests that entrepreneurs who know how to communicate well are the only ones that build stronger relationships with their customers.

They Have the Drive and Willingness to Succeed

One key thing that makes business owners so great is that they have the drive to grow their business and succeed. The willingness to go above and beyond to convert their startup into successful ventures is another trait that all great leaders have. Setting up a successful business is a challenging task, and it cannot be done without competitiveness, determination, and motivation. Only a driven and willing leader can tackle such a difficult situation and emerge successful, says Paul Haarman.

“They Are Confident & Passionate” – Paul Haarman

Confidence comes in handy for people in every walk of life. However, it is especially essential for business owners as they need to gain respect and encourage people to trust them in order to grow and succeed in their business.

Having ] confidence that does not turn into arrogance or egotism is a must for business owners. Paul Haarman also says that passionate people find a way to overcome challenges, especially when it comes to making their business successful. Passion helps them look at things in a different light and with great optimism. This is one of the key things for people to become great business owners/leaders.

Parting Remarks

Paul Haarman claims that every business needs to have solid leadership in order to grow or succeed. More often than not, the reason behind the failure of an otherwise potent business idea is that it lacks strong leadership. Great business owners are driven and confident people who have the eagerness to take their businesses to the next level. They are very passionate about their businesses and are great communicators that help them in establishing good relationships with stakeholders. All these traits help them in building up their businesses and setting them apart from the competition.

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